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Program at a Glance

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Plenary Lectures

  • Marc Feemann (Portland, Oregon, US)
  • Ragnhildur Thora Karadottir (Cambridge, UK)
  • Freda Miller (Vancouver, CA)
  • Michelle Monje Deisseroth (Stanford, California, US)
  • Anne Schaefer (New York, US)
  • Michael Wegner (Erlangen, DE)


Please find the list of symposia in the following. The order of the presentations has not yet been finalized.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Multiomic analysis of glia-mediated regeneration | Organizers: Seth Blackshaw (Baltimore, US), Enric Llorens-Bobadilla (Stockholm, SE)

Building the nervous system: critical roles for microglia prior to pruning | Organizers: Lindsay De Biase (Los Angeles, US), Morgane Thion (Paris, FR)

Astrocyte diversity drives specificity in the making, regulation and dysfunction of brain circuits | Organizer: Andrea Volterra (Lausanne, CH)

Glial cells of the gut: from neural stem cells to regulators of homeostasis | Organizers: Werend Boesmans (Diepenbeek, BE), Carla Cirillo (Toulouse, FR)

Regulation of neuroinflammation in CNS remyelination | Organizers: Tara DeSilva (Cleveland, US), Jeffrey Huang (Washington, DC, US)

Sunday, July 9, 2023

How microglia sense and regulate neuronal activity | Organizer: Long-Jun Wu (Rochester, US)

Using non-mammalian models to uncover fundamental roles of glia in circuit development | Organizers: Sarah Ackerman (Saint Louis, Missouri, US), Vilaiwan Fernandes (London, UK)

Mechanisms of glia-neuron crosstalk maintaining neural homeostasis | Organizer: Aiman S. Saab (Zurich, CH)

Molecular and cellular regulation of myelination throughout life (Special Trainee symposium) | Organizers: Noémie Adès (Paris, FR), Michael Thornton (Aurora, US)

Do astrocytes really regulate cerebral blood flow? | Organizers: Alexander Gourine (London, UK), Jessica Filosa (Augusta, US)

The many faces of Schwann cells: new roles and different perspectives | Organizers: Katharina Scherschel (Düsseldorf, DE), Jose A. Gomez-Sanchez (San Juan de Alicante, ES)

mRNA localization and translation in glial cells: local events with broad roles | Organizer: Martine Cohen-Salmon (Paris, FR)

The circuit logic of myelination – when, where, and why | Organizers: Wendy Xin (San Franciso, US), Ethan Hughes (Aurora, US)

The tripartite synapse under metabolic stress | Organizers: Christine R. Rose (Düsseldorf, DE), Christian Henneberger (Bonn, DE and London, UK)

Heterogeneity and function of microglia in brain stem cell niches | Organizer: Francis Szele (Oxford, UK)

Monday, July 10, 2023

The role of Schwann cell metabolism in regulating neuronal function and viability | Organizers: Bruce Carter (Nashville, US), Sung Ok Yoon (Columbus, US)

Understanding the role of cell-cell interactions involving microglia in CNS homeostasis and neuroinflammation | Organizers: Roland Liblau (Toulouse, FR), Ari Waisman (Mainz, DE)

Understanding the role of oligodendrocytes in neurodegenerative disorders: human and animal studies | Organizers: Mahmoud Pouladi (Vancouver, CA), Anna Williams (Edinburgh, UK)

Bioengineering meets glia: biomaterials applications to study glia and glial-associated disorders (Special Trainee Symposium) | Organizers: Eva Carvalho (Porto, PT), Emanuela Saracino (Bologna, IT)

Wrapping memories with myelin | Organizer: Mohit Dubey (Amsterdam, NL)

Transcriptional control of myelination and repair | Organizer: Claire Jacob (Mainz, DE)

Reprogramming glial cells into neurons: a new avenue for brain repair | Organizers: Christophe Heinrich (Lyon, FR), Malin Parmar (Lund, SE)

Disentangling neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration using induced pluripotent stem cells: spotlight on glia | Organizers: Rebecca Matsas (Athens, GR), Jari Koistinajo (Helsinki, FI)

The many roles of microglia in brain development | Organizers: Rosa Paolicelli (Lausanne, CH), Michela Matteoli (Rozzano, IT)

Sculpting of neuronal circuit function by the structural plasticity of astrocytes | Organizers: Min Zhou (Columbus, US), Michelle Olsen (Blacksburg, US)

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Glia-Glia interaction in brain physiopathology | Organizers: Alexei Verkhratsky (Manchester, UK), Chenju Yi (Shenzhen, CN)

Oligodendrocyte progenitor cell fates and interactions with neurons in the adult and developing brain | Organizers: Akiko Nishiyama (Storrs, Connecticut, US), Enrica Boda (Orbassano (TO), IT)

Lipid metabolism as major determinant of CNS remyelination | Organizers: Gesine Saher (Göttingen, DE), Jerome Hendriks (Hasselt, BE)

Oligodendrocyte precursors shape brain circuits | Organizer: Xianshu Bai (Homburg, DE)

Glial senescence in neurodegeneration | Organizer: Diego Gomez-Nicola (Southampton, UK)


W01 Glial engineering and gliotechnologies: advanced materials, tools and approaches to unveil the role of glia in brain physiology, diseases and in social behavior| Organizer: Valentina Benfenati (Bologna, IT), Maria Grazia Raucci (Napoli, IT)

Introductory Course

The Introductory Course on Glial Cell Biology 2023 is aiming at young researchers and researchers who are new in the field. The lectures will give a broad overview on the key aspects of glial cell biology.

The course will take place on Friday, July 7, 2023. Further information will be publisehd soon.

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