Symposia and Workshops


Please find the list of symposia below. The order of the presentations has not yet been finalized.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Multiomic analysis of glia-mediated regeneration | Organizers: Seth Blackshaw (Baltimore, US), Enric Llorens-Bobadilla (Stockholm, SE)

Building the nervous system: critical roles for microglia prior to pruning | Organizers: Lindsay De Biase (Los Angeles, US), Morgane Thion (Paris, FR)

Astrocyte diversity drives specificity in the making, regulation and dysfunction of brain circuits | Organizer: Andrea Volterra (Lausanne, CH)

Glial cells of the gut: from neural stem cells to regulators of homeostasis | Organizers: Werend Boesmans (Diepenbeek, BE), Carla Cirillo (Toulouse, FR)

Regulation of neuroinflammation in CNS remyelination | Organizers: Tara DeSilva (Cleveland, US), Jeffrey Huang (Washington, DC, US)

Sunday, July 9, 2023

How microglia sense and regulate neuronal activity | Organizer: Long-Jun Wu (Rochester, US)

Using non-mammalian models to uncover fundamental roles of glia in circuit development | Organizers: Sarah Ackerman (Saint Louis, Missouri, US), Vilaiwan Fernandes (London, UK)

Mechanisms of glia-neuron crosstalk maintaining neural homeostasis | Organizer: Aiman S. Saab (Zurich, CH)

Molecular and cellular regulation of myelination throughout life (Special Trainee symposium) | Organizers: Noémie Adès (Paris, FR), Michael Thornton (Aurora, US)

Do astrocytes really regulate cerebral blood flow? | Organizers: Alexander Gourine (London, UK), Jessica Filosa (Augusta, US)

The many faces of Schwann cells: new roles and different perspectives | Organizers: Katharina Scherschel (Düsseldorf, DE), Jose A. Gomez-Sanchez (San Juan de Alicante, ES)

mRNA localization and translation in glial cells: local events with broad roles | Organizer: Martine Cohen-Salmon (Paris, FR)

The circuit logic of myelination – when, where, and why | Organizers: Wendy Xin (San Franciso, US), Ethan Hughes (Aurora, US)

The tripartite synapse under metabolic stress | Organizers: Christine R. Rose (Düsseldorf, DE), Christian Henneberger (Bonn, DE and London, UK)

Heterogeneity and function of microglia in brain stem cell niches | Organizer: Francis Szele (Oxford, UK)

Monday, July 10, 2023

The role of Schwann cell metabolism in regulating neuronal function and viability | Organizers: Bruce Carter (Nashville, US), Sung Ok Yoon (Columbus, US)

Understanding the role of cell-cell interactions involving microglia in CNS homeostasis and neuroinflammation | Organizers: Roland Liblau (Toulouse, FR), Ari Waisman (Mainz, DE)

Understanding the role of oligodendrocytes in neurodegenerative disorders: human and animal studies | Organizers: Mahmoud Pouladi (Vancouver, CA), Anna Williams (Edinburgh, UK)

Bioengineering meets glia: biomaterials applications to study glia and glial-associated disorders (Special Trainee Symposium) | Organizers: Eva Carvalho (Porto, PT), Emanuela Saracino (Bologna, IT)

Wrapping memories with myelin | Organizer: Mohit Dubey (Amsterdam, NL)

Transcriptional control of myelination and repair | Organizer: Claire Jacob (Mainz, DE)

Reprogramming glial cells into neurons: a new avenue for brain repair | Organizers: Christophe Heinrich (Lyon, FR), Malin Parmar (Lund, SE)

Disentangling neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration using induced pluripotent stem cells: spotlight on glia | Organizers: Rebecca Matsas (Athens, GR), Jari Koistinajo (Helsinki, FI)

The many roles of microglia in brain development | Organizers: Rosa Paolicelli (Lausanne, CH), Michela Matteoli (Rozzano, IT)

Sculpting of neuronal circuit function by the structural plasticity of astrocytes | Organizers: Min Zhou (Columbus, US), Michelle Olsen (Blacksburg, US)

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Glia-Glia interaction in brain physiopathology | Organizers: Alexei Verkhratsky (Manchester, UK), Chenju Yi (Shenzhen, CN)

Oligodendrocyte progenitor cell fates and interactions with neurons in the adult and developing brain | Organizers: Akiko Nishiyama (Storrs, Connecticut, US), Enrica Boda (Orbassano (TO), IT)

Lipid metabolism as major determinant of CNS remyelination | Organizers: Gesine Saher (Göttingen, DE), Jerome Hendriks (Hasselt, BE)

Oligodendrocyte precursors shape brain circuits | Organizer: Xianshu Bai (Homburg, DE)

Glial senescence in neurodegeneration | Organizer: Diego Gomez-Nicola (Southampton, UK)


W01 Glial engineering and gliotechnologies: advanced materials, tools and approaches to unveil the role of glia in brain physiology, diseases and in social behavior| Organizer: Valentina Benfenati (Bologna, IT), Maria Grazia Raucci (Napoli, IT)

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